Eko Devices Announces LiveStream

Eko Devices has introduced LiveStream to their digital stethoscope solution for education, telemedicine practice and delivery.  Now educators and providers can stream heart, lung and body sounds synchronously to remote locations.  This HIPAA- compliant tool works alongside existing videoconferencing and telemedicine platforms to provide an easy-to-use and clear-sounding auscultation experience.

The process of LiveStreaming heart, lung and body sounds is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3:

Choose The Right Electronic Stethoscope For Your Telemedicine Practice

As the healthcare industry shifts to value-based care, providers see telemedicine as a key component to enhance patient satisfaction, cut costs and generate additional revenue.  The question we are often asked is: “What is the best electronic stethoscope for my telemedicine practice?”  Here are our 3 most popular models with their unique features.